Veos invests in innovative technologies and business models in order to enhance energy and environmental resources through a balanced portfolio of holdings.


ACTIVELY BUILD AND MANAGE  a portfolio of assets in the fields of energy, environment and digital industry, that are characterized by their innovative products or business models, aiming to steadly create value for clients, providers and shareholders through sustainable growth.

DEVELOP, ACHIEVE AND SELL solutions and products for energy and environmental optimisation or rationalization.

RESEARCH NEW PRODUCTS that can create value also abroad.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Veos group is formed by skilled people with entrepreneurial attitudes, which contribute actively to the company results not only as mangers but especially as partners to whom the top management liabilities of the group are entrusted.

VALUE CREATION for partners and for stakeholders: this is the main requirement that defines the project selection.

INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. Innovation and uniqueness are the real makers of competitiveness; the sustanibility of the solutions and the products offered shall ensure durability

FAIRNESS AND OPENNESS toward every internal and external stakeholders.


YOUNG TEAM. A team with remarkable business skills, always looking for the most innovative solutions that ensure competetitiveness in medium- to long- term.

ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS between partners and management. The company heads of the group, Veos included, are partners of the same.

RESEARCH. The engine of our work is the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions, projects and technologies, which can be ours or for our exclusive use, and that can allow us to be highly competitive over the medium to long terms.